Alternative and Out of Home Advertisement Strategies – A Digital Jukebox

Many bars restaurants and other entertainment venues are replacing their old, CD and LP fed jukeboxes for newer, digital models. Digital jukeboxes are connected to extensive and elaborate music networks, allowing bar and restaurant patrons to find nearly any song imaginable. These digital jukeboxes are extremely popular with consumers because of their broadband and touchscreen capabilities. These features also make them popular with advertisers.As an out of home advertising solution, the digital jukebox can be considered a relative newcomer, with substantial digital networks surfacing in significant numbers over the past 10 years. The medium is versatile and can be placed in virtually any of the same locations as a standard CD or LP fed jukebox.Some of the larger broadband music solution providers have networks capable of holding consumers’ attention for five minutes at a time, with 67 minutes of dwell time. These digital music solutions can also be equipped to gather users’ e-mail address and other information valuable to advertisers.

Alternative Advertisement Strategies with Digital Jukeboxes -One of the key benefits out of home advertisers gain with digital jukeboxes is interactivity with consumers. Most digital jukebox networks include online-style music discovery features, such as Internet search and browsing, interactive recommendation banners and regularly refreshed playlists. These features are designed to promote artist plays, shuffling through the literally hundreds of thousands of songs and artists within the digital music catalog.The result is longer consumer interaction, which means more interaction with advertisers’ messaging.Target Demographics for this Out of Home Medium -Digital jukebox networks target the more than 70% of young adults who frequent restaurants, bars and nightclubs each month, engaging millions of these consumers each day. This is a higher delivery on the coveted 18-34 year old male demographic than ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone. Digital jukeboxes are also excellent options for reaching the 18-34 year old female demographic as well.Where Can I Advertise on a Digital Jukebox?Broadband / touchscreen jukeboxes are currently situated in more than 10,000 commercial locations in almost every major metropolitan market and DMA. This means that out of home advertisers can reach millions of patrons on a monthly basis with digital jukeboxes.

How to Measure this Type of Out of Home Advertising Media -Most digital jukebox networks provide an array of measurement options for out of home advertisers. With other forms of digital media, including digital video screens, advertisers have little ability to measure the effectiveness of their messaging. However, digital jukeboxes offer a more interactive out of home advertising option, which means advertisers have more measurement capabilities. Typical digital metrics include monitoring the percentage of plays by jukebox, region, entire network, monitoring the number of plays before, during and after the promotion or the number of plays by jukebox, region, or network.